Leatherneck Warrior Dragon Boat Team
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We don't focus on winning, we work hard perfecting our stroke which gives us an opportunity to win. We emphasize Discipline and Hard Work. We believe in one team, one paddle, one stroke. 
These are our tenets
1. Discipline and Spirit
2. Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay the price
3. The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow.

Philosophy: We are a group of senior citizens with an average age of 67 who are dedicated to physical fitness and competition. We believe that dragonboating enhances our lives by bringing us together to support our teammates and other teams dedicated to the sport.  On and off the boat we continually aim to improve our performance, demonstrate sportsmanship, and involve ourselves in community service.  We also support our troops in harms way.
Be a proud sponsor of these hard working seniors who push the envelope every day. They compete  in this highly competitive sport  to show the youth of America what intestinal fortitude is all about.
Contact us @ jkane1213@yahoo.com
 The Announcement
The Celebration
The Family
The Bling
2013 Inaugural Great White North  Cocoa Bch  Dragon Boat Race  Sport Division Champion
Leatherneck  Warrior Firsts
The  LeatherneckWarriors pride themselves on thinking outside the box. We have no fear of innovation and we encourage brainstorming to solve problems.
1. Challenge races with the Dirty Dozen and the Blackhearts

2. Team Building with the staff of the Waterfront Inn then with the Villages Proffessional Soccer Teams represented

3. All women's day on Lake Sumter all the teams represented

4. Opened the Door to the Deaf Community to compete at the highest level of sport
5. Selected a Club Team to wear the commemorative  FDNY Jerseys to bring attention to the 3000 innocents killed on 9-11-01

6. Initiated major challenges in Camp Villages recommending the elimination of grandparents which opened the door to 12 additional teenagers. The addition of an additional boat from Lake Miona. The purchase of medals for all participants.

7. The first steering clinic on Lake Miona by the USA coach Pat Bradley 
.2021 Lake Hernando
Leatherneck Warrior Women  Bronze Medal
 2021 the New Leathertneck Warriors
2021 Lake Hernando
Leatherneck Warrior Mixed   Gold Medal
Supporting Toys for  Tots
Supporting Mission 22
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Our Veteran's Corner